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Charging (err..stumbling) into 2019

Real Talk, GoalsJacy Corral

Oh hi there, friend! I’m super pumped to begin using this space to share more of my behind the scene processes in creating artwork for fun, for products, and for clients. I’m also going to start hitting you up with goals and goal updates (#accountability amiright??) There is such a wonderful opportunity to use online platforms to build community and pull back the curtain. It’s something I’ve wanted to do, I’ve admired others do, but I haven’t truly done myself. So I’ll also be using this space to share how I pursue balance (a hotly contested concept…I have thoughts) as a kind of working mom when I need to?? It’s complicated. Anyway, here are some things I’m hoping to accomplish in the first quarter of 2019…

Design Life

  • Draw the first half of my new book! (follow up to The Big and Little Coloring Book with Rachel Swanson) It’s due to the publisher in May sooooo yeah.

  • Prepare to launch my first online course with Amanda Arneill (!!! more info to come…it’s gonna be good)

  • Design a font (or 2 or 3…)

  • Begin selling illustrative tools (fonts, illustrations, procreate brushes, etc.) on Creative Market

  • Build out my Threadless storefront (merch, y’all)

  • Retain 2-4 new graphic design clients

  • Create 2-3 How To videos (not sure what to teach yet so lmk if you think of anything heh)

Mom Life

  • Go strong (4-5 days/week) with Playing Preschool from Busy Toddler

  • Weekly outings (museum, new park, fun stuff)

  • Lots of library trips!

  • Keep up with laundry (face palm)

Marriage Life

  • At least 2 date nights per month with my love

  • Set and crush financial goals

  • Overnight birthday trip out of town without los kiddos.

Spiritual Life

  • Complete Jen Wilkin’s 1 Peter Study (and keep up with it daily!)

  • Pray daily

  • Pursue friends in meaningful, intentional ways

  • Weekly coffee/chat dates with my people

There’s still a lot missing about self care and mental health, both things I’m trying to literally wrap my head around prioritizing. How do you strive for balance in all the things? Is it just an illusion? What do you hold on to that gives you hope and helps you to fight discouragement? I’d love to hear your thoughts (aka I NEED your thoughts! help!) over on Instagram. ILY!

xo jacy