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illustration + hand lettering + graphic design in los angeles, california

Bible ABCs | People of the Word


A theologically-driven, biblical primer geared toward teaching young people about God and His story shared with us through His word.

From Adam to Zaccheus, Bible ABCs: People of the Word, written and illustrated by Jacy Corral, introduces young readers to both prominent and less familiar characters in the Biblical narrative.

Throughout the pages of this stunning board book, each letter form is illustrated with components of the featured person’s story and significance in the Bible. A bible verse accompanies the artwork for each letter.

Important people who grace the pages of this concept-driven collection include:

  • Adam

  • Eve

  • Caesar

  • David

  • Isaac

  • Jesus

  • Mary

  • Noah

  • Lazarus

  • Vashti

People of the Word a new—and fun!—way for parents, grandparents, and caregivers to introduce young children to both big and small stories from the Bible.